NB is on a better overall, however this patch seems fit Allliance style according to what they have done with tier 1 teams so far. VG will beat LGD, the match between C9 and MY would be a promising game. I think the winners are NB, VG and C9 on this day.

Article 10/3/14, 6:37 PM

Look at their 2nd game with VG and we can see how they strong in teamfight with this patch. This patch seems fit their style. Alliance now has a greater hero pool fitting this meta such as Naga, Spectre, NP, Orge Magi, VIper, Visage and that would be Terrorblade too. The veteran sp Misery is also a perfect replacement for EGM with his Rubick and VS.

Match 10/3/14, 2:55 PM