haha...but ..why can i ignore him ..he keep bashing my fellow filipino ..i dont know what pinoys did to him ..he is so fucking retarded malayshit !!!

Match 3/21/15, 5:39 AM

hope they fixed tommorow ..goodluck .

Article 3/20/15, 5:03 PM

you remember how malaysian bash , insult pinoys last year because of MPGL ..and next is the DAC .? . they said worst tournament ever ..now i laugh..this tournament worst than mpgl .MPGL is a succesful event because they have a good organizer ..unlike this event is GARBAGE ..garbage organizer garbage tournament ..malayshit insult more ..and now the bash insult coming from malaysian bounceback ..and they trying to defend they shitty tournament..big event and SEA huh ??.. LMFAO ..so many basher coming from russian ..

Article 3/20/15, 2:20 PM

..ahh..thanks .

Match 3/20/15, 8:59 AM

yeah .and what tournament ?

Match 3/20/15, 8:45 AM

haha..brace yourself ..indotaik is here. the famous hater of pinoy and the most retarded Malaysian.HAHA..BITTER !! BUTTHURT !! ..indotaik im waiting for you :) .i told you ..stop crying..and stop hating rave .how many item you lost because of rave ? ..i give you arcanas :D..dont cry :D ..HATERS GONNA HATE !!

Match 3/20/15, 8:42 AM


Match 3/20/15, 8:14 AM

game 2 ...throw ..-_-

Match 3/17/15, 2:56 PM