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Subzidite's activity

It's not ex-Imperial , I remember Ryze posted on his twitter later that FCK is not acquiring ex-Imperial (while ex-Dignitas to FCK are highly possible) ex-Imp is to C9 I think , there CEO followed all the players

Article 12/21/16, 5:42 PM

and gone forever

Article 12/11/15, 3:14 PM

If didnt understand read again , we're peace

Article 12/3/15, 12:01 PM

Reason 1 VP : They go TS4 LAN , end 4 days before WCA , and they cant travel in that gap Reason 2 Mineski : They're in the qualifier and stomped by MVP 2-1 Reason 3 No ViCi : Same as Reason 2 , rip up by CDEC 2-0 in Qualifier , even if they qualified , Reason 1 Reason 4 No EG : Read Reason 1 , and also they declined Reason 5 TNC and Execration : both advanced through qualifier Reason 6 OG : Manager said they declined the invite , thats why Fnatic appear instead of OG In case you think I lied http://wiki.teamliquid.net/dota2/World_Cyber_Arena/2015 http://wiki.teamliquid.net/dota2/World_Cyber_Arena/2015

Article 12/3/15, 12:00 PM

Match can be postponed to another day or even MY going defwin Trust is now playing on UNITRY LAN event (which added yesterday) and now not even any game of the Finals (BO3) that've been played so either Postponed to another day or Defwin

Match 3/29/15, 1:44 PM

This gonna be serious for LAJONS cuz they'll play in the name of "Ninjas In Pyjamas" http://esport.aftonbladet.se/team/ninjas-in-pyjamas/nip-dota-2-announcement

Match 1/1/15, 3:03 PM

"接下来在19:00将为大家带来 中国 IG对 中国 NewBee的BO5总决赛直播,更多最新的赛事资讯敬请关注ECL官网竞游网" GOOGLE Trans. "Then at 19:00 we will bring IG NewBee of BO5 finals live" Proof : http://cespc.com/html/tvol/ - you'll see at below BO5 and 1:0

Match 12/30/14, 11:01 AM

@Chernobyl , its BO5 with +1 for Newbee http://www.cespc.com/html/2014/news_1230/11058.html

Match 12/30/14, 10:41 AM
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