noob korok have 5k gold buy recipt for burning his father and his mother, buy arganim la noob shit , kick korok = auto win see game 2 and 3 no korok auto win

Match 9/26/14, 3:50 AM

black noob item build useless manta get bkb better la noob, fk german

Match 9/21/14, 12:13 PM

Noob Invoker lead team to the death and feed mid have sentry but never put ,keep in pocket for his mother ,kick resolution empire will win

Match 9/18/14, 11:24 PM

I am Groot second comment

Match 9/18/14, 12:11 PM

tongfood already

Match 9/18/14, 8:53 AM

once you go rat , you never go back = gg

Match 9/13/14, 6:17 PM

GG A since EGM and s4 gone 2 standin play like 2k mmr player, brainless i hope A will lose repupation to 50 + ranking GG A i sell all your pennant even loading screen. lose to AlbumSheet and now MYM

Match 9/11/14, 7:42 PM

MYM rage quit yesterday did u remember ?

Match 9/11/14, 5:41 PM