noob brew ever throw stun then cyclone at the same target, stun for ? noob.

Match 10/12/14, 3:48 PM

fuck black 322 but the rest of team do well especially iceX3

Match 10/9/14, 8:53 PM

get shit i know

Match 10/4/14, 8:01 AM

Rat Die i told u

Match 10/4/14, 7:54 AM

noob sniper 1 k mmr shit get solo kill by dp without rune or anything. how the hell happen ?, keep feeding on mid then no dps item noob shit even see in tournament kick this player plz. noob korok. his friend should blame him (razor and centuar). that why he got kick out from team liquid long time ago.

Match 10/4/14, 12:59 AM

i want to see rat die

Match 10/3/14, 1:22 PM

No mercy Rhino vs rat , rhino win

Match 10/3/14, 6:25 AM

PR noob phophet ever Teleport into tree and die what the fuck noob win because of moon straight end. go kick "chshrct" plz. it will make PR better

Match 10/2/14, 8:18 PM