Better to watch Competitive Match than to play a SHITTY clients VOLVO

Article 10/1/15, 3:29 PM


Article 8/5/15, 12:57 PM

How the F*ck RAVE came over the TOPIC? MY is better than rave, and no one can change the fact unless they well dominate the SEA (bad English)

Article 6/5/15, 11:15 AM


Article 6/1/15, 2:15 PM

IDIOT stop that shit.

Article 6/1/15, 2:15 PM

I like the OLD rave, which is performing well without talking shit.Hope this should be a lesson to rave. As for now, I am looking forward and support for this new UNDERDOG team from the same country. And hoping this team will stay humble all the time, they are only luck of experience to compete in major tournament. GO for TNC. for all the peenoise please respect and stop talking like a child :-)

Article 6/1/15, 2:13 PM

demn, this 5 players of TNC is top leader board of SEA mmr

Article 5/24/15, 3:13 PM

not all

Article 5/24/15, 3:07 PM