This will be an exciting game, it's always nice to see the Chinese Version of El Classico post TI. Just like how Na'vi and Alliance went back and forth after TI3 , with Na'vi always being triumphant over Alliance despite them losing the TI in a throwing manner. So, considering VG already took a revenge from Newbee after TI4, they will take another one in this series, all in for VG! Let the story repeat, just like a deja vu! Newbee will become weak like Alliance now.

Match 9/11/14, 1:33 AM

Rares won today. So happy :D Thank you Nar'vi!

Match 9/11/14, 1:30 AM

Well looks like neither does Alliance with their performance lately, they don't even deserve to get a spot anywhere for now.

Match 9/11/14, 1:28 AM

What a game 2, both teams went back and forth, better than the game 1, where it was just a lot of dominance from fnatic. Still FNG once agan with the plays for Na'vi, as well as Funn1k (despite some bad cogs) they still lead their team to victory by making individual plays. XBOCT and Dendi being the weakest in the team like always.

Match 9/10/14, 11:08 PM


Article 9/10/14, 3:29 AM

Really? If that's true, then Singsing and Xcalibur are far from Zai's Enigma skills. It's obvious EG just experimented in this game, also they did it for fun. In the end they won in a funny way, which made the game more interesting.

Match 9/10/14, 3:28 AM

Yo Community admin why you don't ban this guy as well, he's flaming the match comment section, you only ban who you want to eh? Corrupted crew, can't believe becomes worse and worse each year... miss the good old from 2008-2010.

Match 9/8/14, 12:48 PM