Lame drafts from VP, going for those combo wombos lineups, and stillt they lost game 4, ahaha shit fucking team even though they are doing alright. I just wanna see a really crazy game with really crazy drafts since its CD and not CM where teams only pick the most common competitive picks... yet VP does that. I would give the edge to Secret for this tournament to take it all just because they're more creative and slightly more individual skill.

Match 12/21/14, 9:25 PM

He's actually playing good in VP.Polar so I don't see any feeds from him, he is definitely a talented player.

Article 12/20/14, 9:07 PM

3-0. Look at past encounters that Na'vi had against Team Secret lol.

Match 12/20/14, 3:59 PM

That was quick, glad Valve let it go, and they all came to an agreement. Great news I guess.

Article 12/20/14, 2:57 AM

Awww shiet, this is going to be big, now let's hope everyone that goes to this has their visas all set.

Article 12/19/14, 3:08 AM

I didn't even pay attention to Illidan Stormrage all those years he's been playing competitive dota ... now I really like his plays, he is an exceptional player. He has my respect!

Match 12/19/14, 12:29 AM

Well I knew VG will do it again, even though is a BO1, they still showed they can adapt to any strat. I really like the BB + Cent combination, seems to work pretty well.

Match 9/11/14, 12:49 PM

GJ Black :D

Match 9/11/14, 12:47 PM