If I was a super star what would I do....but I am not and I accept the way I am, VPP should do the same. What happened happened, that doesn't mean they shouldn't have continued to be calm and play their best. It just shows they don't have the experience of a consistent team to overcome big turnarounds like the one Secret did and won the game. It affects you mentally sure, especially when you were that close of winning at least one game and you threw it away. Now if you think about Secret , do you think they felt good after they got crushed in almost 2 games in a row ( the one in Starladder and in Dotapit Game 1) do you think they didn't feel like shit when they saw they have no chance against VPP? But look they get their minds together, and manage to wipe VPP and win the game, even in the most desperate times they still could focus on what they could do and they punished VPP for their over extension. After all it's Dota 2, and it's considered the hardest MOBA game for a reason.

Article 12/24/14, 6:52 PM

Want serious dota? Watch me in pubs. Kappa

Article 12/24/14, 7:35 AM

That Game 1, too bad the stream lagged.

Match 12/23/14, 9:34 PM

How the hell is FNG always on point with his Dooms? Like srsly dude every time Kuroky wants to jump to Chrono he blinks and instantly Dooms. Every single fight, even if Kuroky is in fog.

Match 12/23/14, 6:44 PM

Lol @ people that bet so much on Team Secret for this match. What were you guys thinking, Secret were tired after a freaking 2 consecutive BO5 series with an arguably top team like VP. Also it's just one game, not that big of a deal as Secret are on 3rd place in the group stages right now. I am pretty sure they will qualify.

Match 12/23/14, 12:00 AM

So true, I can't believe how big Dota 2 has become. This is like a dream come true, even though I am not a pro player ( or maybe I am a veteran but not near that level) to play in competitive scene and get money, it's really amazing to see the game that I love and play for years to become such a huge deal in the eSports nowadays and to be the leading factor of eSports career.

Article 12/22/14, 5:22 AM

Spectre yes, Clock meh somehow, Meepo kinda of a tryhard pick imo , gyro as well. The only ones that were not that often picked is QoP and Bounty. That game 5 was ok, both teams tried something different , no comment on that one.

Match 12/21/14, 11:31 PM

Rematch boys.

Match 12/21/14, 10:24 PM