• Name Dark Monster
  • Location United States
  • Date of birth Sep 20, 2014
  • Primary game Dota 2
Doto 2 player and a pleb in the community.

darkmonster59's activity

In this tournament they looked like Tier 3 team to me so say the least. No teamplay, everyone does whatever they want, that will never get you a win in any tournament. I don't know how their practice went but I'm sure that they didn't practice enough. Nevertheless, they must make changes, and they better be good ones, or else my best advise for them is to just disband as this team will never get back up. They have worse performance than Na'vi before the previous tournaments where they kept losing. P.S: I am a Secret fan and I can't believe that they've become like this. I had high hopes for them, but for now it's "now or never".

Article 6/9/16, 4:55 PM

Kuro is super right lol, he is more right than all former Secret players. Seems like he created a tier 1 team while every other old Secret members destroyed the team they are in. (especially RTZ ).

Article 5/16/16, 5:21 AM

HAO DID THIS HAPPEN? Really strong team, I really like that China Doto is back. I was getting too nervous that China will never come back from that slump where they just kept on losing really badly in important tournaments.

Article 5/14/16, 4:27 PM

I swear Chuan plays the best Lion in all Newbee's games. The reason they pick it for him it's that it's his signature and there is no doubt in that, he's like the most consistent Lion player in the history of Dota. P.S: He had Lion as signature hero since Dota 1... he's a veteran player.

Match 5/10/16, 9:51 PM

Holy shit Newbee is the best team in the world right now, China Doto is back boyz ! On topic, Liquid are looking very good too, they might be the best contender to Newbee. I really wanna see those 2 teams fight, both have great team fight decisions and flashy plays.

Article 5/10/16, 9:42 PM

Damn this DC team is actually super good, might be a very strong contender at this Major to the top tier teams, IF they make it to the Major. P.S: They will most likely make it, unless they choke really hard.

Article 5/5/16, 2:44 PM

Excited for DC to see how they perform with W33 and Moosery, they should easily qualify, they have very talented players in that team.

Article 5/2/16, 1:54 AM

I'm saying Alliance and LGD will fall short, not sure about OG, they can't play that bad. Before the Shangai Major OG was playing badly , and they still performed somewhat well, I doubt it they will play bad at this Major even though their recent performance is really meh... We can even see Miracle SF coming back into the meta with the Aghs (46 souls is a big deal) + it heals you after the souls come back, he's just a monster at that hero I think he has more impact than his Invoker.

Article 4/27/16, 4:57 PM
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