Match 9/18/14, 3:30 PM

First Blood, This Game gonna be a malaysia derby :)

Match 9/17/14, 4:49 PM

buy rare in rupiah : my price is 2k for 4 random rares , or 2k for 2 good rares for betting ... PM me if interested :)

Match 9/17/14, 2:37 PM

yeah Na'Vi Keep up The Good Works, Dont ever Throw Match again :D , GOOD LUCK NA'VI !!!!

Article 9/11/14, 2:43 PM

with the recent match i saw lately, i will be rooting on SNA, Na'Vi is good too, but i predict SNA will got the champion title :D, go Nyx Nyx Nyx Assasin :D

Article 9/11/14, 2:40 PM

trying my luck on this competition :D, Rare Item Daddy is Coming !!!! LoL :P

Article 9/11/14, 2:37 PM

im always rooting on navi, for bad or good result my heart only for navi, gooo dendi !!!! :D

Article 9/11/14, 2:27 PM