• Name Dude Yeah
  • Location Finland
  • Date of birth Sep 12, 1991
  • Primary game CS:GO

Dudewantyouare's activity

Will there be an Asia & Oceania ranking anytime soon? It's a bit boring to only see EU West/East and NA. :)

Match 4/17/15, 6:50 PM

first season with 110k?! Holy moly

Article 2/11/15, 3:27 PM

Really nice list, well done!

Page 12/28/14, 11:01 PM

Hopefully he will stay in eSports though, he's such a great guy!

Article 11/4/14, 12:25 AM

He better stay now.

Article 10/27/14, 11:43 PM

Nice, LDLC/fnatic/c9 in the Final

Article 10/24/14, 9:11 AM

Fnatic easy peasy.

Article 10/20/14, 7:01 PM

Great matches and a nice tournament overall. Ex6 1v5 ace thooo.

Article 10/20/14, 1:32 PM
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