• Name Chaitanya Guzzu
  • Location India
  • Date of birth Nov 29, 1994
  • Primary game Dota 2

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u just raped the language of ur ancestors

Article 8/26/17, 1:21 AM

And I personally felt that the cancer in SEA is more predominant than in any other servers(comparatively)

Article 8/17/17, 10:49 AM

lel i pointed out that people lose interest to play..... on a grass root level... lets not talk about organisers and sponsors, that is going too far with respect to my point. "Players" come from pubs... "Motivation" and "Interest" for the common masses to play is very important so that some dude among these many pub players, a star might rise. When you sit to play and you keep getting tang ina mo's people will keep losing interest to play. I have many friends who are in 5k who stopped playing because of the cancerous flaming. Some of them who went abroad for further studies actually told me that they are now again enjoying dota in US and EU servers. And the line about "sea cannot be improved" is about the quality of games(people in games) cannot be improved.. I know that sea teams are doing great in the international circuit.. tnc fnatic and i liked faceless a lot too and that was not the focus in my point.

Article 8/16/17, 11:27 AM

I feel that the problem with sea region has more to do with the cancerous players here. Especially the people from Philippines and Indonesia and sometimes the people from India too, but Indian players are quite less. I have played in EU servers and people are more friendly on an average. Here the interest to play ranked is lost because of the way people flame for everything. The infamous tang ina mo is sooo irritating to see or listen to. I feel that no matter what is done, sea cannot be improved. It is the people who got to be more polite in games.

Article 8/15/17, 5:07 PM

wow a 50 mana cost increase and 10 sec cd increase on ult will eliminate a hero

Article 5/29/17, 10:29 PM

well u seem to "know" a lot of things.... y dont u explain to all of us in layman terms so that we can all be enlightened by such a knowledgeable person as u.... and dont behave like a loser giving out the same shit as above where u say that u are the only smart guy around.... thanks in advance.

Article 7/14/16, 9:57 AM

he "wanted" it to happen.... not that he "want"s it to happen xD

Article 4/27/16, 11:43 AM

rofl nice joke xD

Match 7/24/15, 12:06 PM
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