• Name Hashim Alalawi
  • Location Bahrain
  • Date of birth Jan 2, 1994
  • Primary game Dota 2

Apith's activity

Actually, I was glad MVP won. I'm a huge underdog fan in most cases. You don't call your sarcastic attack on how sea > cis not cocky? "why would i'd work on my grammar.. just because of someone like you?" I recently read an article how peenoise mocks others for being too intelligent or speaking english at a decently high level. Literacy used to be high in your country, but you're a perfect example of why it's at a record low and why it will stay like that. Grammar is important because you look like an idiot coming to an English website with your broken sentences that barely make any sense.

Article 8/5/15, 6:26 PM

Lol what? He made an attack on another region using sarcasm. Just because he used sarcasm it makes it okay to do so and be cocky? I'm not surprised another peenoise is backing him up. I recently read an article how you peenoise mock people for being too intelligent. That's why the literacy of your country has dwindled to a record low.

Article 8/5/15, 6:23 PM

Who cares about your grammar? You peenoise are so noisy, toxic and arrogant. You are the literally the worst country in SEA to play with because of that. So yeah, if you want to present yourself in a better way, and not always be looked down on, then work on your grammar if you don't want to look like an idiot.

Article 8/5/15, 4:22 PM

Why are you so cocky then? You're that proud of your region, because you can't be proud of your country, that you suddenly trashtalk another region because they knocked them out.

Article 8/5/15, 4:19 PM

"and hope u idiot wont reproduced. cant u even detect sarcasm? sigh" Says the one who doesn't even know grammar. Not to mention your sarcasm implied a direct attack. You are so cocky when there is no reason to be. It's like that in a lot of games, that's why you guys are called "peenoise". Sad how there are so many of you that the pinoys that aren't noisy and toxic like you are categorized in the same group as you.

Article 8/5/15, 4:12 PM

What are you on? A SEA team got a direct invite, then there was a qualifier for 1 SEA and another to be the wild card. SEA is actually the worst region in the world in terms of toxicity because of the peenoise. You're a perfect example of why.

Article 8/5/15, 12:13 PM

TSM weren't invited because they only invited teams from the top 5 of Europe. They have their own ranking. They received some backlash and are actually considering to invite 2 more teams. A lot of people say TSM are placed higher than NiP, Navi and NV. https://twitter.com/theflyingdj/status/628241445258924032

Article 8/3/15, 7:04 PM

Well said. I'd prefer to see this, especially when the title implies it.

Article 8/1/15, 7:23 PM
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