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  • Location Philippines
  • Date of birth May 26, 1992
  • Primary game Dota 2

GosuGamers_user_364782's activity

Too bad they just reshuffled, i would've loved to see Ehome play in this tournament with their new roster. Why no Chinese qual? But so nice of them to really change the qualifiers to include SEA though. :) This scene really needs more exposure for them to improve.

Article 3/8/16, 4:15 PM

This is actually refreshing, I wish more teams would do the same & i bet it'll happen because of that tragic major. Chinese players/teams has very good potential unfortunately they don't re-shuffle that much compared to western teams that's why i feel like it kinda prevents them from leaving the traditional way of them playing the game, hope this'll cause some new strats from teams rather than just the same old style which is pretty farm based & late game phase.

Article 3/8/16, 4:05 PM

Aren't the management somewhat obliged to pay for these things which was lost? Aren't they ashamed already on how bad they handled the major? Like seriously, they should have realized it already, now this? Guess they just wanted to make a statement for the last time like "Don't ever pick us again to organize an event for you because we just don't give a crap". Too much for a million dollar prize pool. What a disaster this has been. Hopefully the next major which is in Manila won't be as bad, because if it would then i wonder if there would be another major that'll be held in this part of the globe.

Article 3/7/16, 1:42 PM

Credits to your comment bro. haha :D

Match 3/4/16, 7:00 PM

You mean add Alliance & OG on eliminated team?

Article 3/4/16, 6:50 PM

I think they saw your comment bro. Now they're so mad they're playing like a tier 1. LOL :D

Match 3/4/16, 6:39 PM

Yeah they playing it way too safe and caused them to extend the game for too long with drow,od & void on the other team plus the inappropriate deaths again.. almost gave me cancer just watching it.

Match 3/4/16, 6:09 PM

Yeap. They just choke man. The CHOKES.

Match 3/4/16, 5:56 PM
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