• Name David Pham
  • Location United States
  • Date of birth Nov 22, 1995
  • Primary game Dota 2

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Gizmodian's activity

Why is sheever so popular among community voters every year? Lmao

Page 1/3/17, 1:17 AM

Giving up an 8k+ MMR Korean dota god for some HONTRASH. Makes sense

Article 11/6/16, 11:59 PM

No DC? No Wings? wtf?

Article 9/19/16, 4:34 PM

They should pick up Super

Article 9/15/16, 4:08 PM

OG will win. Ez rares

Match 5/22/16, 5:00 PM

Illidan can not catch a break

Article 5/13/16, 12:06 AM

Cosmetics I might actually buy

Article 5/3/16, 3:55 PM

They'll never make a comeback with Bulba on their team. Straight-up mediocre.

Article 4/29/16, 6:13 PM
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