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speedle's activity

Finally, a true word about TLO! Assuming duckdeok would most certainly grab a spot for advancing, Happy deserved it the most to proceed to the ro16 in comparision to the performances of TLO and Sase.

Article 9/5/13, 2:21 PM

In that case, a potential transfer is an omen of STX disbanding. That's really sad, especially with STX winning proleague recently. But Acer? Ok. At least Scarlett has to keep her promise getting unbeatable in ZvT with practicing against Innovation.

Article 8/26/13, 7:13 PM

I am afraid. I don't have any insight of how Kespateams practice nowadays or if there's any difference between Kespa and foreigner teams. But I remember old BW days and Kespaplayers schedules. If nothing has changed STX would be a way better training/gaming environment. Maybe times have changed since ladder system, but I am no fan of Kespaplayers join foreigner teams. But apparently, Kespaplayers are fans of money. Couldn't think of another reason to change teams.

Article 8/26/13, 2:04 PM

:))) Thank god, I am not alone crying. Not only that he lost, but the series was some kind of anti-climatic after the big words before the match. But yeah. Tears shall drop tonight.

Article 8/25/13, 10:12 PM

Yeah, rest of the games were pure domination, although it hurts saying the truth. Bomber played very well. But 0-4 was shocking... Jaedong ;(

Article 8/25/13, 7:30 PM

Pretty devastating interview. A moment that shatters juvenile dreams of being a progamer: being sucessful and rich with playing your hobby. I can understand and feel the desire for old BW days. That was the saddest part of the interview although he's strong enough to look forward resolutely. Flash is just a post-bible-ish god. He's there, but he wont interfere in mankind's buisness with ancient miracles.

Article 8/20/13, 8:42 PM

Holy crap. What a bummer...! This is so stupid. Poor, poor Jim... Mankind is opening up freedom and then limits it by law.

Article 8/19/13, 3:30 PM

It's not like these are the only issues occuring... TB isn't handling this .... not exactly well, but the couple HAS a big point. Situation is way too complex for a single simple judgement. As always on a bigger stage, it's easy to take side's with a party and both have good reasons to do so. Sad thing: it only hurts.

Article 8/16/13, 7:25 PM
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