• Location Germany
  • Date of birth Jan 23, 1991
  • Primary game StarCraft

Nb.Crackling's activity

jan <3

Blog 10/4/07, 6:06 PM


Article 8/23/07, 8:17 PM

amazing xD

Article 8/9/07, 5:08 PM

wow :OD

Article 8/3/07, 6:28 PM

wow antihack for iccup i LOVE u ;**** very bad timing for those ygclan guys :/ they should have launched it after pgt died and not after we got a nice working server -_-

Article 7/16/07, 7:57 PM

girl not included =(

Article 6/16/07, 10:41 PM

gauisus looks so dumb XD

Article 6/16/07, 10:11 PM

nice hmmm but should i do if i lost (very unlucky)vs a idiotnewbie and he calls me n00000b etc and dont wanna regame, after he tells everyone that he has beaten me and shows reps to all people??? fuck what shall i do XD

Blog 5/28/07, 12:22 AM
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