• Name Will Gerardsson
  • Location Sweden
  • Date of birth Jul 12, 1988
  • Primary game StarCraft

sailow's activity

Oh, I just realised they had 4 "galleries"; 2 in game high detailed - and 2 where they show info - I linked to the one about info... Fixed!

Article 8/9/07, 12:47 AM

Swedish magazine revealing 2 units with viking related names.... something is fishy. Thor looks like the shooty things in the matrix and the sensory dome looks like a hoover from the early 90s

Article 7/17/07, 11:02 PM

Read all my comments for heavens sake - I say I am not happy with the lurker. The one you see was my preliminary design - just playing around seeing if I could get a shape. I was planning to redo it. I did not have time - and people were asking me and others in the crew when it was coming out - so I had to release it. => too many complaints = last one ever made

Article 5/28/07, 9:22 AM

He only said it to scare larry - didnt think it was that hard to get... the "We got him good that time" explains that it was just a big plan #8 right about the reference to the stacking bug

Article 5/28/07, 2:48 AM

#1 yes sorry for the delay... hopefully there will not be too many comments saying: "why does the lurker say that" - already two people have asked me that - think about it.

Article 5/28/07, 12:59 AM

#39 - the oscar wilde quote is humourous and my meaning with it is very dubious - do not take that at face value. You should know more than anyone how that money for starcraft outside korea is limited - look at the sponsors for all the taems/tournies - they are nearly always the same again and again. I am not saying/hoping for a "sell out" amount of money - but that there will be a surge in the amount avaiable for SC2 - and as sites like gosugamers will still cover BW - more money will be injected into it I know its about how many participants but I had already stated that there will be a surge of participants who played but no longer play sc + many new more. Edit: => And this was a column on competition and advertising - not enjoyment! => Thanks everyone who is saying this was very well written - nice to hear

Article 5/20/07, 9:33 PM

The conclusion: Yes, 100% right - in regards to the shallow aspects. But the gameplay has not gone the same direction as WCIII. Blizzard has not been stupid - they have taken into account all this - no heros - no new races- the idea is to keep the balance - and as other have pointed out - the gameplay was on a much slower speed. Blizzard have attempted to appease both the WC3/graphics fans and the hardcore sc fans. So I think Blizzard should be able to firmly say: SCII is not WCIII in space.

Blog 5/19/07, 8:02 PM

#8 StarCraft III

Article 5/19/07, 1:18 PM
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