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3xc3ls1or's activity

definitely some bs.....what a trololololol.

Match 9/17/14, 10:18 AM


Match 9/17/14, 10:13 AM

that was also against EG, the team that won WEC. Navi stuck with their old drafting skills while EG just blew everyone out of the waters at that event with their unique yet strong drafts.

Match 9/11/14, 8:49 AM

the fact that he doesn't speak Chinese? He gets by with basic phrases such as gank him or go behind him, Iceiceice mentioned that in this article. Since Black has arrived in China, how is VG's training these days? Is there any language barrier between VG's Chinese players and Black? http://dota.2p.com/article.shtml?id=8813265 "We try to communicate with him in Chinese, but there must be some small problems between us. Now the situation is we four talk in Chinese, and he tries his best to understand. He can't understand all of our words. Therefore, I think we had better find a Chinese teacher for him. VG just got together 2-3 days ago and we just practiced two BO3 matches. This is the reason that we didn't perform well on the main stage. The game we lost to C9 was played in a practice room which was shared with Newbee. Chinese teams such as LGD and Newbee shout loudly when they are playing. I felt very uncomfortable since Newbee and us were both playing Tinker and all voices mixed together."

Match 9/10/14, 6:46 AM

VG has communication issues with Black not being able to fully understand Chinese.

Match 9/10/14, 6:05 AM

Navi.US is decent.

Match 9/9/14, 12:54 AM

C9 lack diversity in their draft. Meanwhile, EG ran a single- core, dual, and tri..their hero pool practically tripled post TI4. There's a reason why Fear is back on EG and isn't retired.

Article 9/8/14, 2:55 AM

They'll be fine as long as they played like game 2 vs PR.

Match 9/8/14, 2:51 AM
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