some kind of tactics?

Match 10/19/14, 3:45 PM

look at the bets something fishy about this

Match 10/19/14, 3:40 PM

see? vietnam are really trash at dota 2 xD

Match 10/17/14, 6:10 PM

quit dota xgames you sucks!

Match 10/14/14, 8:22 PM

you right dude ama go to PR and win big

Match 10/13/14, 4:36 PM

korea got fuck HAHAHAHA thank you korea trash,,,,, IAP are ready for starlader

Match 10/9/14, 1:44 PM

ty PR fan gays

Match 10/8/14, 8:50 PM

IAP to strong \m/

Match 10/8/14, 11:29 AM