Would be nice to see them try and compete with the invite teams again.

Article 10/19/14, 4:13 PM

I wonder who is going to try and qualify.

Article 10/18/14, 10:12 PM

I lost so much on C9, but I don't even care because of how entertaining the match was.

Article 10/12/14, 6:40 AM

Neither did I, but during that overtime it seemed like an entirely different match.

Article 10/1/14, 8:21 PM


Article 9/19/14, 7:12 PM

Glad to see cph wolves in more tournaments.

Match 9/18/14, 5:41 PM

Kind of wish they got godz or bruno.

Article 9/17/14, 9:46 PM

It is live on http://www.twitch.tv/allbetsin

Match 9/17/14, 8:34 PM