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i didnt get ur point exigent

Article 5/29/09, 9:46 PM

Xeris since the first time u joined wgtour admin list.. Wgtour became corrupted.. Your acts are always benefecting Light and eX .. or w/e I am really oldschool player, i play this since it comes out, i was also admin of gg.net for example and many teams and believe me.. i have never seen such an hipocryte like you .. You think that only because you have admin power you are the master of Starcraft .. You think that because you are admin of a community at Starcraft you are a superious beeing.. Man just grow a little more plz.. and dont pretend to be smarter then anyone coz you are not. And to finish this shit u hacked in the past to become known in the community.. I remember the days when i first saw you complaining in wgtour foruns.. You were 2v2 player with Sirex as partner, am i right?

Article 5/29/09, 1:57 PM

Xeris is a morron PERIOD! Ey Xeris what about iG. then ? Why wasn't iG. invited? Folowing your criteria iG should have been invited sooner then EG for example.. Xeris is a morron PERIOD!

Article 5/28/09, 6:26 PM

I will not be able to be there :( I have school bah! :) GOODLUCK AoN :D

Article 2/18/09, 3:05 PM

ROFL .. no money no crie

Article 1/29/09, 1:58 PM

only 3 games taken by the chinese fellas

Article 12/5/08, 11:41 PM

LOOOOOL :P K1ck killmantor hein ?:D I remember that time ;) Hey Quirion ainda vives ehehehe :D

Article 11/29/08, 9:39 PM

eheh i knew it shad :) i knew that you are not the kind of person that would forget friends so fast just coz you joined bigger team :) You still my bitch :) Kiugess! (kiss + huges) xD

Article 11/28/08, 1:31 AM

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