• Name Ewerton Miranda
  • Location Brazil
  • Date of birth Dec 21, 1990
  • Primary game Dota 2

tonworms's activity

Man, cr1t is overrated player, I am not saying he is not good, but he is not THAT good. Also, zai carried EG a lot at another tournaments, I could count in my fingers how many times I saw cr1t owning in a game by EG. At OG he was pretty good, but unfortunately I can't say the same at EG games. Well, let's wait to see this season.

Article 9/5/17, 10:19 PM

Well, I agree with you, for the first time in my life. But, don't say Sumail is going to rekt Ccnc, this guy is real good, also pro games does not have South American stupid mongols to ruin the game.

Article 9/5/17, 10:15 PM

I agree 100% with you. Their picks before PL were shaker, aa, batrider. How THE FUCK do you pick PL? OK, they played that game and Sven owned them. Second game, first thing you should do? ban the FUCKING SVEN. WW to counter sven? Really cr1t? Sven must be controlled at the fight or Win before he get strong. You have rtz as carry, why not ursa at second game? Why not Lycan? With puck and nature, GG 20 minutes. But no. Man, I can't understand, I swear to God.

Article 8/9/17, 12:38 PM

I've been reading your shit comments for a long time Clariska, ure so fcking annoying, u don't know what shit about Dota, about strategies, about functions on each game. Sumail can shine, cause they got a number 1 that can make difference without items, that can stay alone in lane while supports are helping mid, anyway, it's wasting time explain this to you, cause u suck so hard. Only thing u r good in your whole life is about complaining about everything, EG is your focus. You don't even have 4k mmr, I am sure, make this website a favor, stfu.

Article 7/7/17, 2:07 PM

Dude, are u really comparing that Vega with Liquid with Miracle, Matumba, Gh, Mind Control and kky? Man... Got no words to keep writing here. GL with ur life.

Article 2/26/17, 8:20 PM

Evil Geniuses for sure

Article 2/4/17, 1:23 PM


Article 1/18/17, 12:33 AM

I dont know about everyone, but i am pretty sure of these: Arteezy, Ramzes, Gh-God, Matumamam, Miracle-. Sry if i missed some1 (that doesn't appears).

Article 1/3/17, 8:02 PM
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