• Location Germany
  • Date of birth Dec 17, 2007
  • Primary game StarCraft
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Kusel's activity

[/i]gl draco

Article 1/16/09, 4:49 PM

IefNaij 1-2 Dimaga impressive

Article 1/16/09, 1:34 PM

Epic :D

Article 1/15/09, 7:33 PM

Military sucks.. lets hope they dont have to fight...

Article 12/12/08, 11:53 AM

SC2 will be so much better then BW !!! omg i hope it comes out soon D:DDD^^

Article 11/26/08, 4:34 PM

thx zulu for this nice interview :D

Article 11/12/08, 3:41 PM


Article 11/7/08, 3:49 PM

looks like the big finnish liove here :D^^

Article 10/27/08, 6:41 PM
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