Nobody was hyping them after patch.

Article 1/9/17, 11:41 AM

Big fan of FATA and this team looks promising. And I always like to see new players in Dota, like this Feero guy.

Article 12/31/16, 12:33 AM

I m afraid VP are over confident and because of that they made some mistakes, but still they dont care and wins. They' re too OP. Gaben nerf them.

Article 12/7/16, 9:47 PM

This guy Clarshit is just joke, every time when I see him in comment section I expect some shit coming out of him.

Article 10/22/16, 3:15 PM

True. Stfu Clariska!!

Article 10/2/16, 6:37 PM

Yey volvo invited Nahaz, this guy is cool.

Article 5/25/16, 12:10 AM

I m not fan of Mineski but I think Fnatic deserves to loose this one. Dont like these guys and how they kicked Net without explanation.

Article 5/24/16, 8:35 PM

Are you guys blind are just stupid morons??? There is article about Newbee, but why should write about them now when they are in Lower brackets ?

Article 5/13/16, 10:10 PM