+100 I AGREE 100000% What will VALVE Benefit? its not like if they dont go the prize money will be save and go to VALVE's pocket, they did their job they gave enough time, and they can actually lie to us if they want they can just keep the $2M and just say 8M prizepool only because those were the funds that we earned, but VALVE is just too honest to give 10M and still rising to satisfy us, what would dota be without Valve, Maybe if Dota was still warcraft dota you can only see 100k prizepool because stupid blizzard doesn't want to pay and ignored map Creators. and still you fanboys flame VALVE for maintaining a good reputation and protecting a player's right like ERA

Article 6/28/14, 6:51 AM

wake up kid its not even july yet.

Article 6/28/14, 5:30 AM

Seriously why would they blame valve, thats why valve invited the full roster and gave time to apply visa for other teams, they want to kick era and they are mad because valve wont accept their shitty situatuins?they want to kick era but era wants to play and the doctors saud he can play, valve gave invite to players not organizations, just bring them both and if era chokes excalib will be the 6th man,

Article 6/28/14, 5:28 AM