Dj is so handsome and PRO nice Cover picture. Just like in mid one's interview he liked DJ the most.

Article 3/30/16, 1:38 AM

they scored 2-0 against SEA giants like RAVE and Mineski which i think would be 2-1 if mushi is pressuring them.

Article 3/23/16, 4:43 AM

people have different views, mine is that mushi is a type of person who controls and pressure other people, fnatic has high individual skills what they need is play their comfort zone like what they are doing today, look at how they perform without mushi. mushi is just lucky to have Miduan, Net , ohaiyo and Specially DJ. this 4 are underrated Players, the absence of mushi can be replaced by kecik imba or KYXY or Mineski Jay or Ryo from rave.

Article 3/23/16, 4:40 AM

nice game, while some people are busy with their drama with James 80% of the dota community dont even know casters exist they are playing like nothing happened, so i dont think jame harding can affect the majors. look at the players online they ddnt even watch shanghai and most of them dont even know who gaben is but they are buying items and compendiums like a 1 day millionaire. gaben's like cry all u want it wont hurt my pocket. i mean new breeds who watch ti5 dont even know who james is because he wasn't there.

Article 2/27/16, 2:06 PM

we are still here and still proud of DJ and Jeyo on fnatic and team archon they are the reason of their team's success i mean 50%

Article 1/10/16, 6:32 AM

because i clearly said the reason behind the usage of different flag and still you have the guts to say "You completely didn't made any sense at your reply" that's why i said you probably don't understand english. enough talking. better you just stf* and go back to school, the only thing i sad was for them to respect other teams and you contradicted like your their manager. it's like im giving food and someone is angry because of that, i can't argue with a caveman who cant understand simple elaboration.

Article 1/9/16, 1:54 PM

ok i found the change flag button are you happy now? even tho im living in malaysia now i will use PH flag for you. why would i be roasted? look at the other guy very well said he said. is teaching other people to be respectful hypocrite? your the only one here who is disrespectful by contradicting a person who say's disrespecting other teams is not good. what i just said is just some sort of metaphor on my 1st reply to you. that's probably why for some reason you didn't understand.

Article 1/9/16, 1:46 PM

ok i found the change flag button are you happy now? even tho im living in malaysia now i will use PH flag for you.

Article 1/9/16, 1:46 PM