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and they say MMR is just a number, 9K answers it all, i bet miracle is carrying 4to5k mmr players everyday while his enemy is all 7k to balance everything imagine a team of 4k with 1 9kvs 7k team. Miracle is really the king of miracles.

Article 6/12/16, 3:56 PM

the fnatic Net ROSTER DJ and Midone shining, the fnatic mushi roster DJ,Midone,343 commits a lot if mistake, dont u think mushi is too much of a bossy and they are pressured they cant even play their style anymore?

Article 6/11/16, 4:00 AM

i agree on this his pride is full of shit, he even take blue or pink slot, 343 cannot draft well as far as i know even tho 343 is drafting their is a high chance mushit is always suggesting, your telling me 343 would picked a nerfed hero like SF? i feel like mushi is drafting.

Article 6/11/16, 3:59 AM

for those of you who don't know DJ he was known as Rave.Chrissy, he was a good midlaner and did some upsets on some tier 1 teams, his replay is all over the internet. he was winning before vs tier 1 teams even tho he has tier2/tier3 teammates he was known for his midplays like Ember 19 kills something and storm 14-0 DJ was unknown that time. but they upset some teams. just giving info tho.

Article 6/8/16, 3:51 PM

gay? w t * i said if he's a girl but he's not so i dont care.. is loving a girl gay? i think if you wont love a girl then your gay

Article 4/8/16, 3:03 AM

you nailed it dude. but dont worry jessievash allmighty the unkickable pro is there.

Article 4/8/16, 1:52 AM

,EG, Fnatic, Secret confirm D. invite

Article 4/1/16, 2:17 AM

if only DJ was a girl id give my life lol :D

Article 4/1/16, 2:13 AM
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