AND: Odjeza RJULZ!

Article 10/8/07, 12:57 AM

I think White-Ra is a fair person. He could've just ask for a translator like all the Koreans do(and smile smile smile), but he didnt. He managed it on his own. Well mannered guy. He wouldve deserved a 3rd place just as well as old-Mondi.

Article 10/8/07, 12:56 AM

Unit Tempest named after the semi-pro gamer? :)

Article 6/15/07, 10:26 PM

The clan is inactive though, apart from me.

Article 6/14/07, 5:53 PM

Not true, youre a liar liar liar! :)

Article 6/14/07, 5:52 PM

MIStrZZZ don't take it personally, but you look like a psycho on the picture. :) HF ! Go Mirelit!

Article 5/24/07, 6:06 PM

operation cwal

Article 2/7/07, 6:10 PM

Great game ! Well deserved to be voted no.1 . I'd recommend the Reach vs GGPlay, I liked that even more. No offence. :) Sorry for not reading the comments before . Just trying to form my opinion here .

Article 1/13/07, 11:49 AM