For me Misery should stick to a support player, he's not a good offlane player ..

Article 3/28/16, 2:47 PM

For me No, looks like Tier 2 or 3 players ..

Article 3/28/16, 2:44 PM

Misery is a Trying Hard offlaner that's why ..

Article 3/24/16, 10:00 PM

Fail TZ can only use TA and SF .. the meta today for mid heroes revolves around DP, OD, and Invoker so now Fail TZ don't know how to use Invoker ..Well let's see why TS choose this line up .. Regarding EG, if this line up will possible to happen 1. Fear 2. Sumail 3. Zai - if he can 4. Aui2000 - if PJ salt will lower his pride 5. PPD

Article 3/23/16, 10:01 PM

This is the perfect time to get Aui2000 as position 4 for the team and zai as offlane .. But PPD needs to get his Pride down ..

Article 3/23/16, 9:48 PM

Heroes - IO, Chen, Dazzle, Batrider, Puck, NP, Brood .. these are their common hero picks ..

Article 3/15/16, 9:51 PM

Next time Valve will learn this lesson .. No China country venue of any Majors tourney !

Article 3/3/16, 9:42 PM

1rd !

Article 2/22/16, 9:59 PM