its a 50:50 match, hard to predict. GL guys. :)

Match 8/27/14, 7:32 AM

lol... hahahaha! i just wanted to know dude you dont need to flame up. HAHA you're funny. i came up to ask it, because Fng was a roster of PR before. okay?? so dont flame up... Funny!

Match 8/26/14, 2:04 PM

IS Fng officially in Navi?

Match 8/26/14, 7:51 AM

i dont understand, is FNG palying on Navi or PR? @_@

Match 8/26/14, 7:50 AM

well i havent see the draft, would you tell me who's drafting, i was watching FD vs INV's game that time.. Thanks.

Match 8/25/14, 6:18 PM

WE cant tell, they cannot adjust their play to their new rosters.

Match 8/25/14, 6:17 PM

lewl..!!! its not empire vs tinker. its going to be the revenge. :)

Match 8/25/14, 3:53 PM

hope meracle will not purchase Rapier this time. :3

Match 8/25/14, 3:33 PM