your good. i never thought of those words of yours. uhm... i bet for invasion in this game BO5, is it really unpredictable? well for me, i think titan got this game. But i dont have arcanas or at least $1 dollar worth rare to bet. And so, i bet for invasion $0.08 dollar worth-rare only. 'Coz when i bet for titan, i would bet 4 rares to get at least one. And that's not easy for me, so im just trying the leap of faith this time. :) then i go for invasion. what do you think?

Match 7/4/14, 2:23 PM

@aloha therefore i am not qualified. anyway i just wanted to know some strategies, if the game will be thrown or not. because i lost 3rd times betting on navi vs eg. :3

Match 7/4/14, 10:19 AM

@aloha i wanted to know some strategies on betting, but it seems that i dont have a good betting in D2L i have only 9 wins in 21 games. :)

Match 7/4/14, 10:16 AM

score? anyone?

Match 7/3/14, 3:39 PM

cant bet rares for this match, whY?

Match 7/2/14, 11:41 AM

1 - 0, what a play by ig.

Match 6/28/14, 1:20 PM

standing? 1 - 0? in favor of?

Match 6/27/14, 3:25 PM

all in for arrow. :)

Match 6/27/14, 5:11 AM