• Name Florian Hoyer
  • Location Germany
  • Date of birth May 20, 1986
  • Primary game StarCraft 2
[b]צבעים של קשת בשמים[/b] [URL=http://s03.flagcounter.com/more/Ywf2][IMG]http://s03.flagcounter.com/count/Ywf2/bg=FFFFFF/txt=000000/border=CCCCCC/columns=3/maxflags=18/viewers=0/labels=0/[/IMG][/URL] CoL_Drake the Movie http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UvnLfHMS34Q

Drake's activity

@1 Players like Idra,Huk and Sase who are all very good would never have become Sc2 progamers if they were born in Korea WTF ? Sase and Huk are amazing and sase trains more then most koreans huk even BEATS most koreans and made it into gsl on his own work, so whats the point of such stupid comment ? tehy would be pros also if they were koreans ... idra probably would still be sc1 semipro ^^

Article 3/20/12, 8:52 AM

the problem is, not a single of this names was "big" in sc2 at any time ... this was just a team, a realy good unknown team could beat so i think the choise of the players was overall wrong expect lastshadow ! ^^ but it cant be a 1 man show + koreans

Article 12/3/11, 12:28 AM

@1 worst stupid comment ever ? deserve a 1 year ban ...

Article 11/5/11, 4:43 PM

since he would have to go trough the open, its rly understandable !

Article 11/2/11, 11:42 AM

@6 YOU DO WRONG SIR ^^ sure they can on ly 24 of 1. round save ! damn i hate when people cant read and try to explain others their wrongness

Article 10/28/11, 8:49 AM

not mention the schedder ? 2 shredder kills 200 zerglings 4 shredder kills 200 roaches FUNNY TROLLING DAY FROM BLIZZARD !

Article 10/24/11, 12:13 AM

@2 cant see toss buffs ... only crap incoming @6 lol now u fuckn scared of tanks ? what you think toss is thinking xD wayne then we make medivacs out of it ps: could you make and scv and build terran buildings ????? xD

Article 10/22/11, 10:15 AM

for 1 THAT will not happen ^^ [spoiler]if i am not wrong nestea is out wcg ^^[/spoiler]

Article 10/7/11, 6:29 PM
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