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Just look at Gold per minute >.< fake

Match 9/6/14, 8:58 PM

IG 3 wins under 20 minutes in 3 games after ti4 against t3 teams, seems like they found chemistry. LGD prob (by the names) best Chinese team atm. It will be interesting, but i give IG slight advantage since they performed well with this line up (specially June who played very well and it is decent replacemnt (if not better) for YYF).

Match 8/30/14, 3:13 PM

Team Tinker is team to be respected if they find chemistry. TT and VP have potential to be two strongest european teams (teir 1 teams) Navi and A are long ago T2 team. As of this match i think that it would be "who will throw harder".

Match 8/28/14, 3:54 PM

Very much this +1. TBH LD is good caster but somehow since the success of BTS he is becoming more and more unbearable to listen. Tobi and Lumi are best caster duo, cause they are all rounded as a team, hype, analysis, comedy, drama...

Article 7/15/14, 4:53 PM

It all comes to IG. If IG plays good (like they can) they will win no matter how good newbee is playing, only chance for newbee is a bad day for IG. Also the looser of this match will face LGD i think so in current state this game is a win/win, since LGD only has a chance vs western/european teams.

Match 7/14/14, 11:29 PM

Sylar hanging out with IG squad. IG.Sylar confirmed :D

Article 7/13/14, 8:44 PM

Dude pre "ESL One" IG won three finals against DK/NB (WPC going 4-1 vs DK). I didnt said EG is bad but Chinese are just very good. Honestly in ESL finals IG was the one who underestimated EG like they are noobs but EG happens to be much better team, after IG did their best they rekt EG 22-0 in third game. I was just replying to Azarkon where he thinks that EG is the best team atm, while they are not, and this kind of pressure for EG is not good for them since they need to play like they have nothing to loose which could give them more chances.

Match 7/13/14, 8:09 PM

22-0 never forget. To be honest, EG is very good team, they did perform well in phase 2, but I am sure that if they face DK/IG in finals it would be the most one sided dota finals in history of the game in favor of Chinese teams. And that is my opinion I don't want other ppl to take it for granted. EG is consisted of young players that don't have big experiance playing big lan finals. The only thing that they can do to win is to pull some insane pocket strats (if they have any) for finals. So my opinion on EG wining over IG/DK is less than 10%

Match 7/13/14, 7:50 PM
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