• Name E XID
  • Location Malaysia
  • Primary game Dota 2

jczooi's activity

Ez for SingSong, hard to BU, go Trixi !

Match 5/30/15, 5:16 PM

vg or lgd? lgd got xiao8 n ex-former carry

Match 5/16/15, 4:42 AM

empire too stronk, beat win vici gaming

Match 5/16/15, 4:42 AM

gg EG

Match 5/15/15, 8:13 PM

gg Not waste my 1 dollar bet you

Match 5/15/15, 5:50 AM

Rave, haha nothing to say, but good luck

Match 5/15/15, 4:16 AM

IG will counter Team Secret pick now

Match 5/14/15, 6:03 PM

Ty Team Secret fangays

Match 5/14/15, 6:02 PM
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