• Name Dmitry Eltar
  • Location Ukraine
  • Date of birth Feb 1, 1996
  • Primary game Dota 2
Fuck the Alliance!(

Benogruz's activity


Match 12/28/15, 9:35 PM

All in Natus Vincere!

Match 12/28/15, 4:33 PM

2ez 4 Na'mpire

Match 12/7/15, 11:50 AM

It will be game of throws

Match 9/27/15, 10:23 AM

ArtStyle used grave on himself in the last battle, gg

Match 8/4/15, 4:37 PM

gl Na'Vi Am I the one, who trust in Na'Vi's victory, lol?

Match 8/1/15, 10:25 AM

Na'Vi trained with LGD, mb they can find some strategy against them

Match 7/29/15, 2:33 PM

I hope so)

Article 7/29/15, 2:30 PM
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