• Name Db Zero
  • Location Philippines
  • Primary game Dota 2
Newbie better. Been playing dota since 5.84b era, never gotten good at dota though. I play CSGO as well and bet on csgo matches even though i don't know which teams to bet on :D. Big fan of VG (ice3x), LGD (Sylar) and NiP (Era).

0dotzero0's activity

thank you m5! next.kz put up an awesome match game 2, but game 3 was less nerve-wrecking to watch.

Match 6/8/15, 9:14 PM

meep too late :( i've said my goodbyes to my rares, may they find a better home (inventory) than they ever did with me... save my rares m5!

Match 6/8/15, 4:44 PM

ugh >_< just lost my items on HGT vs Newbee (my team choice). I'm forced to bet on M5. I hope they win this one.

Match 6/8/15, 4:24 PM

Well said, this is anybody's game. I did see Next.KZ's last game against Goomba (game 1), they had a pretty reasonable net worth advantage and map control coming into the early game phase. But because the player controlling QOP disconnected a lot of times, it really affected Next.KZ's performance. I'd skip this bet as well since both teams are very unpredictable.

Match 6/8/15, 12:28 PM

placed all in on Rift, they've been good to me (in terms of bet) so far. bring home the bacon DemoN!

Match 6/5/15, 9:32 PM

ooh, thanks for the additional info. i wasn't able to see the game, but how was their synergy so far?

Match 6/5/15, 9:30 PM

I don't know man... mousesports just parted with qojva (idk spelling sorry) recently and brought in TC as back up. If I'm not mistaken TC used to play carry right? Does that put Black^ on mid? Pretty risky to bet on mouse at the moment since we don't know how TC will synergize with the other members. I've placed low-value items on NiP, so I hope they get the W for this Bo1. GL to both teams :)

Match 6/5/15, 6:15 PM

I went all in on Goomba, i hope they win :((

Match 6/2/15, 4:33 PM
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