Match 10/15/15, 11:16 PM

RIP Aui, he must really hate ppd now...

Match 10/15/15, 9:16 AM

Should be a good match, I'm leaning towards Liquid slightly.

Match 10/12/15, 1:01 AM

What about EGM? He in a different team? Need TI3 champs back...Kappa

Article 8/28/15, 3:07 AM

Resolut1on(Roman Fomynok) Pro Player Primary. Silent(Ayrat Gaziev) Pro Player Primary. ALOHADANCE(Illia Korobkin) Pro Player Primary. ubah(Ivan Kapustin) Unlisted Primary.

Article 8/25/15, 11:40 PM


Article 6/29/15, 6:13 AM

Now I really don't want XYCLOPZ to be invited, apart from the fact that he can barely speak English, if it means less Piony's watching the event then it's win win.

Article 6/29/15, 2:47 AM

madamada committed sudoku after vici lost haha

Article 6/8/15, 6:06 AM