Oyea, scoring both CiS teams and LFY probably had a huge morale boost, I knew it when they went into the booth smiling and cheering for each other. Nb on the other hand seemed nervous, and I can't blame them for it, but Liquid's approach is the right one.

Article 8/14/17, 2:47 PM

PPD is always salty man! :D Tends to happen to the smart. But I agree with you on Mind_Control, he was a fucking beast! I wanna cite VP vs Liquid game 3. Miracle did miracle things, as i mentioned somewhere else, as expected of him, but mc went out of his box.

Article 8/14/17, 12:24 AM

So I've heard! :( Game 3: They had enough against AM really (Miracle played well too, did Miracle things), they could handle him, but not Mind_Control and his big plays. :( GG, gl Liquid! Although I did always like Newbee and rooting a little for Faith for doubling the Aegis. :)

Article 8/13/17, 12:24 AM

I actually missed game 1, I was referring to game 3 mostly, which was, in my opinion, single-handedly won by Mindcontrol. If it wasn't for his bulldog plays VP would've won, I'm certain.

Article 8/11/17, 4:19 PM

Feeling real sad for VP. :( WP Mind_Control!

Article 8/11/17, 7:02 AM

Its sad that Starcraft doesn't have many viewers, players, or even tournaments, but it is still by far the best, most enjoyable, most professional progaming to watch, productionwise as well. No kidding here, I've stopped watching Dota progaming for a while now, only tuning back to TI, but I still watch sc2 time to time for the previously mentioned reasons. I'm glad to see that Volvo is learning and selecting good personalities. To be honest, I'd have been more than fine with Mr. Redeye, but u can't go wrong with D9. The only reason i won't say that I hope we get Tastosis' too at some point is because it would mean the end of sc2.

Article 7/23/17, 3:46 AM

Hm, sad Doto that they didn't make it to TI, and sad doto for Bzz and Vanskor. Bzz was set out to achieve something bigger but he just always fell short from TI (namely TI4 and now). Vanskor has also been a good player, though already past his prime, but at least he saw a TI, well, his team 322-d a TI they should have won (if someone can't remember, Team Empire was the heavy favourite of TI4, but they choked and didn't make it out of the group stage). This year they performed well and its sad they can't be there. CIS honestly deserved 2 spots (no matter the VP direct invite) this season, because EU has been a disaster. Who the fuck is Planet Dog and who cares about them? (Sorry dawgz, prove me wrong.) EDIT: 2 spots for CIS would also make sense because inhouse CIS matches have been known for years to be much more unpredictable and random than any other region's matches (even SEA). I'm pretty sure Team Empire knows how to handle the opponents of their own server and diaspora but I don't think they could show anything vs Chinese teams, for example (then again Team Empire, prove me wrong). EDIT2: I still remember the day when vanskor single-handedly raped Na'Vi in their prime and when Bzz solokilled EE a few days after he bragged that Rox.Kis (then team of Bzz) could be no match for him.

Article 7/21/17, 2:50 AM

Nice, gl to her! I'll try to watch, if I have time!

Article 1/3/17, 12:13 AM