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Dear SophoS, I don't blame you to use the same wording as TI panels and commentators, but it is incorrect to say that LGD steamrolled VP. What really happened was that LGD prepared well for VP, and a key point in their plan was vision advantage. They drafted what they planned and started the game as planned, putting VP in a very hard position. However, VP, with miraculous plays, turned the tides of the game in their favor and started dominating LGD in every possible aspect. Until they made a big mistake, which was a greedy high ground poking without buybacks, but they were heavily leading at that point. LGD played well and prioritized on the mistake, they just took the ancient without raxes in a rush while VP wasn't in full team. This very quick, very sudden, very unexpected loss actually shattered the morale of VP by the next game, which was a clean LGD victory, unlike game 1, and arguably it also shattered the morale for VP for the rest of the tour. For which I'm very sad, but they should be able to bounce back, in their match vs EG you could feel that it wasn't the VP u got used to seeing. So, my point is that this can hardly be called steamrolling, LGD may have prepared well, may have shattered the morale of VP, but they didn't show they were a superior team that can "easily" steamroll VP, or Liquid. LGD was visibly nervous in the first game against Liquid, and I think they made uncharacteristic mistakes, but the game turned out ok for them still, and in the later stages, they did flawless plays to make sure they win. This g1 victory gave LGD such a huge morale boost that it was easy for them to take game 2, much like as it was against VP, and we'll see, but possibly even TI is theirs if they got on a roll. The two teams they were afraid of were VP and Liquid, and with all due respect to the defending champions, VP was the one to make a better stand against LGD in my opinion. So I'm a bit of a butthurt fanboy if you say LGD steamrolled VP, its a superficial half-truth. Pity for Solo, btw, I think he would deserve a TI. Overcoming his shady and scandalous past by transforming from a star core to a support and captain, from helping less fortunate teams to eventually rising to the top of the DPC. He may have fed before to lose a game and win money. Now he's a support, who feeds in a game to protect his cores and win the match, and win money. Respect for that! But why the hell did they stick so much to the tour meta? :/ Solo said something about being caught off guard by dual lanes, but 1-1-3 laning isn't impossible, or necessarily detrimental to winning in this meta, it could work well with the right setups...

Article 8/24/18, 6:31 PM

It took 8 years for Kaci, but she finally feels like a real, natural person, not the artificial fake-smiled American. She's still getting into embarrassing situations, but she doesn't give a damn about it anymore, finally, and she's doing a good show for the first time in TI history; her jokes did make me laugh! I don't know what changed, but go Kaci, if you stay like this, I take every negative comment back from over the years. :D But sadly for her, short-haired Sheever steals all the show, almost of the whole TI. Has she been wearing that for a while? I haven't been following that closely, but now I had a chance to follow the event from the beginning, and it surprised me greatly! She looks great, she even seems to have gained weight (which is very very good for her, and not just for health reasons), and, as usual, does her job well and feels natural in front of the camera. I'm overall satisfied greatly with the event, the commentators are doing an amazing job, the panels are cool (especially the Redeye Black Godz Fogged panel was). We're still ahead of the All Star match, but so far this TI has been on point. The tournament meta is quite stupid though, I think, and I'm bored with the heroes they're always picking. Tiny, Weaver, Necro, Wraith King every goddamn game. There seem to be quite a few heroes who are completely forgotten by the pros, even though they would wreck this laning-phase/lategame meta. Pity that I was rooting for VP and Mineski, and they had to bump into each other so early in the lower bracket. :/ Game 1 of Mineski vs VP is the best game i've seen at the tournament, so far.

Article 8/22/18, 2:10 PM

This is the way to go for progamers, imho, the organization does one thing start: the players don't need to worry about their near future when playing TI, they will not need to think about what to eat if they fail. Think that comfort alone is an advantage over many other groups.

Article 8/14/18, 3:00 PM

Lol mate, you're alive? Barely logging in now, and only following Dota with half an eye, and Starcraft with another half! How are you, man?

Article 8/14/18, 2:53 PM

Just logged in after a year of absence from this site to say that it was all Fogged's fault, all i saw from him was feeding, but correct me if i was blind! Circumstances were still fairly restricted, it will be long-long til they can repeat that in a "standard" game!

Article 8/14/18, 2:47 PM


Article 10/29/17, 7:16 PM

Nice, I'll watch the vods if they're available! I remember, during Ti7, everyone predicted that it was going to be an easy Chinese victory, except for VP, who said Liquid is the team to beat that tournament (think Pasha said it in an interview). Only titans know each other so well! Pretty sure we'll see more from these two against each other!

Article 10/29/17, 7:13 PM

Great news. More Aegis contenders! The scene should be afraid now again!

Article 9/14/17, 9:16 PM
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