gay is back

Article 3/17/19, 7:40 PM

SECRET vs EHOME? wrong info.

Article 1/26/19, 1:31 PM

+2 swallow

Article 7/11/18, 8:37 AM

without FEAR, this has to be expected.

Article 8/9/17, 3:32 PM

well throw =D

Match 4/5/16, 7:45 PM

hey looser... move on!!!

Match 8/16/15, 2:31 PM

i love the way he(Xyclopz) cast the game, especially the barrack Obama lol

Article 7/1/15, 8:03 PM

TI5 will start on july and it will end on august but the stretch goal already 6M+, i think it would be 18m - 21m

Article 5/6/15, 1:23 PM