../.. dont lie man. . not cool bro

Match 6/7/14, 3:20 PM

Arrow . . That was very EASY for them

Match 6/7/14, 3:13 PM

fast wipeout by Arrow . .ddz play invoker so well and Lance is a monster !

Match 6/7/14, 3:08 PM

mineski kept on losing. they even lost to an unknown singaporean team

Match 6/5/14, 6:26 AM

newbee cwill not lose this

Match 6/5/14, 6:25 AM

time for disband. hope is lost

Match 6/4/14, 12:09 PM

Mouz would prilobably win this. They won against NAR which is ahead of Liquid, their match betwee this onen empire was almost even. They wont lose this one

Match 6/3/14, 11:51 AM


Match 5/20/14, 4:57 AM