Oh so you think Zai is a the burden? b**h please without him i bet EG won't even get further in T.I. You're retarded af.

Article 8/24/16, 4:26 PM

I think the biggest shocker here was MP leaving MVP.Phx. I've always thought that DJ was bound to leave Fnatic some time soon because it's really hard to adjust if we are talking about cultural adjustments and more importantly, communication. I know that they had a pretty solid run in T.I but some negative factors are always there, like what I've mentioned, so for me it was never surprising to see someone leave a team in which they're not really quite accustomed of its atmosphere outside. I wouldn't even be surprised if DeMoN would leave TnC later despite seeing him comfortable with the squad. This is just my opinion though . . .

Article 8/20/16, 6:59 AM

You are retarded af, just get over with it and just enjoy the glorious moment of Wing's era for T.I you salty egoistic faggot

Article 8/15/16, 4:41 PM

Yup totally agree with you. Wings sometimes get retarded and go experiment in less risky series (i.e group stage) but own teams in the Main stage

Article 8/15/16, 6:07 AM

Oh what a retarded logic, once again, you're making a faulty argument. Of course EU won a number of tournaments than any SEA teams did, even halved but the point is, you are so butthurt that you can't get over the present and thus, go the past, b**h please look which region got removed first in the main event. "SEA not on the same level" lmao. Don't be that butthurt, at least one Russian made it to T.I, despite it being top 16 lol. Ask some experienced players and see for yourself how retarded you are when they're going to say for sure that SEA > EU this time around.

Article 8/14/16, 4:07 PM

I wouldn't say that DC are not close to Wings but I know it's obvious that DC is below Wings, but not in a huge disparity. Game 4 was a bit close, then DC probably tilted at the final minutes of the game

Article 8/14/16, 4:04 PM

I think their story is more closer to Secret (pre T.1 5) where they are looked to be one of the strong contenders but end up failing hardly on T.I .

Article 8/14/16, 6:56 AM

i don;t think he is mad at moo, it's just a picture to be a good reference for conclusion, I think it's more of a "winner rage" (I haven't watch that part either)

Article 8/14/16, 6:52 AM