• Name Nathan Brenn Jr. Plazos
  • Location Philippines
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isn't Miracle a problem for Liquid as well?

Article 10/28/16, 12:17 AM

It's not even just one's honor at stake when getting through the qualifiers but the formality. NA =/= EU qualifiers no matter what. Valve should not allow this crap.

Article 10/27/16, 11:38 PM

It's Open but specified for a region, if Valve is gonna make this ridiculous decision of allowing anyone to play in any region then they should've removed this "region" concept once and for all.

Article 10/27/16, 11:36 PM

Fix the bracket. It shows that WG lost to Fire Dragoon 2 - 0

Article 10/25/16, 5:55 AM

Absolutely right. And if Valve does restrict the open qualifiers for specific regions, they must do it ASAP or else many whiny teams would follow Prodota's lead.

Article 10/24/16, 4:06 AM

^this comment is underrated lmao (or unnoticed, at least). I;ve also figured that out, I mean why the hell people think everything that's talking 'bout charts are all positive.

Article 10/21/16, 7:17 AM

It's obvious that DeMoN's influence in a team is quite helpful. It's quite obvious in TnC's run before and after he joined. No doubt Fnatic has better players (ohaiyo and Mushi of course) but the thing is, Mushi's ego is damn quite high. If DeMoN's going to be the recessive one here then I can't see them close to the Fnatic with MidOne, 343 and DJ.

Article 9/6/16, 5:42 PM

Big chance this will happen, and this give me a lot more reason to hate Secret for being greedy in looking solely by individual skills.

Article 8/24/16, 4:28 PM
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