• Name Romeo Misao
  • Location India
  • Primary game Dota 2

pfx1990's activity

Ice3 is indeed one of the best offlaners!

Article 10/27/15, 7:12 AM

WP well deserved EG :D

Article 8/10/15, 11:29 AM

What a player!

Article 7/28/15, 12:55 PM


Article 4/17/15, 9:26 AM

such upsets very surprised wow

Article 4/17/15, 9:21 AM

nice !

Article 4/14/15, 1:55 PM

That pic!

Article 4/14/15, 1:52 PM

From the looks of it team "Underminer" is an underrated team. This is actually good for the SEA scene!

Article 4/6/15, 11:10 AM
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