• Name Enrique Palomino
  • Location Mexico
  • Date of birth Jan 4, 1984
  • Primary game StarCraft 2
SC2 player, former WC3 player, played HON in the closed and open beta phases, been here since 2006 I think, love the scene, the competition, and the games, currently studying Business Administration but gamer for life. http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/Horusmx http://horussmx.blogspot.com/ http://twitter.com/Horussmx

xGsHoruss's activity

This is the only title that moon does NOT have, its kind of a curse, If he wins this, he can retire by saying he pretty much won all major tournaments in his wc3 career

Article 11/17/11, 7:15 PM

Idra is gonna cry

Article 9/15/11, 5:10 AM

The problem with him is not the BM I think, it is that the just does not follow the "rules" of the team like wear the jersey at LANs or use the team tag at major games etc etc. He does not have a BM problem, he has more of an authority problem I mean cmon you dont see him typing Fuck you scrub or things like that ala Idra Style, you just see him jumping from clan to clan hoping to get more money, better deals or in this case, tickets to a korean pro gaming house. It's ok to aim higher, we all know he is good, very good in my opinion, he just does not know how to manage his career in order to get better deals sooner. If he is lucky he will change this in a near future, a manager will not be sufficient because this "problem" is not with the others but with himself and as long as he doesnt realize that a good-profesional attitude gives him more benefits in the long run, he will be clan hoping looking for better deals every day. Wish him the best though, its always good to see a countryman owning pro players like kiwikaki, Idra and koreans.

Article 9/14/11, 7:39 AM

omg I am T and Im in wooden league, blizz Y U SO MANY NERFS TO T I will not be able to win with pure mmm oh wait, I still can nvm but Why another hero unit to the protoss Why thor with energy again not able to 1 shot immortals with 250mm cannons Why bunker not free anymore Blizz why u make me take desitions ingame why Im a sad panda

Article 5/5/11, 8:44 AM

I hope that with these changes pvp change a little bit at least bunker cost 75% finally pylon power, well I hope that this helps in some way maybe less cannon rushes?

Article 4/26/11, 7:13 AM

OMG Moon and Grubby in the same group, old rivals fighting again nice!!

Article 3/30/11, 8:48 AM

Anything else you will like to add to the perfect woman??

Article 3/16/11, 6:18 AM

OMG Sweet and Luci back?? These 2 make this tournament worth watching

Article 3/9/11, 5:09 AM
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