Nice games inc.

Match 11/18/15, 11:48 AM

when you lost faith on humanity...

Match 11/14/15, 1:04 AM

Nice game inc.

Match 10/28/15, 1:41 PM

He will, just give him time. This is normal tbh, amazing player and shit person. Will never work out. Or him get better or die alone.

Article 10/19/15, 12:59 PM

Everyone will say team x, team y, team z. But only one will win, sad, but true.

Article 10/19/15, 12:55 PM

Delay is real.

Match 10/16/15, 9:38 PM

Nice games coming. Waiting a good EG this time.

Article 10/8/15, 4:57 PM

Man, this Misery, holy shit, kick this guy ASAP. And this DJ, so good!!!!

Match 10/3/15, 6:14 PM