wonder why MYM disbanded? o_o

Match 9/30/14, 9:35 PM

31-27 ERA have aegis

Match 9/30/14, 7:46 PM

thanks for the update guys keep it coming.. :D bandwidth handicap here can't stream!

Match 9/30/14, 7:33 PM

Team secret's gonna own this tourney! :D

Article 9/29/14, 6:29 AM

These 5 have lisps?

Match 9/29/14, 6:06 AM

SNA won game 2! They are taunting each other but in a friendly way.

Match 9/29/14, 5:28 AM

That sf arcana was already at the grasp of NAR's hand but they dont want it to be an obvious throw so let see how game 3 goes.. :)

Match 9/27/14, 5:04 AM

that shadow fiend arcana looks secured for navi! lol

Match 9/27/14, 4:22 AM