OR maybe s4 will take the mid and og will find offlane

Article 8/18/17, 5:54 AM

that lucifer in their past games is him?

Article 8/16/17, 12:47 PM

Maybe they will add Funnik and Arteezy.. Arteezy team Cycle Begins here!!

Article 8/14/17, 4:32 PM


Article 8/1/17, 9:51 AM

Change Dendi's role to 4th position!!

Article 7/30/17, 7:44 PM

Xyclopz is the best caster!!! He should be invited!!

Article 7/23/17, 8:09 AM

I hope that senator will help again to all teams!!

Article 7/15/17, 1:39 PM

He is a racist and he just wanted an attention because he doesn't have a friend. Poor guy. Just Ignore him your article is good!

Article 7/10/17, 6:26 PM